McCamey Shootout

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McCamey Shootout

Postby REDANDWHITE24/7 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:25 pm

Just some thoughts on the games that took place on Saturday involving the teams from D6.

Lets start with Balmorhea shall we. The Bears looked like a young team struggling to find a new identity. They had the misfortune to face off against a very good Rankin team. A team that many are expecting to make a deep run in the playoffs in Div1. Nevertheless the Bears showed that they are a young team who aren't afraid to face off against a much larger foe and do their district proud. Believe in your coach boys and believe in yourselves. Keep up the good work.

Next up is Buena Vista. The Longhorns were also taken down this weekend. This was the one game that I missed but I've been told that BV had its good and bad plays in this game. A lot of BV's players were placed into new positions this year which really hurt. However give it a few more weeks and lets see how well they progress. Yall have a tough schedule coming up which will really test all of you coaches included. Good luck.

Sanderson your up. The Eagles played against a vastly improved Klondike Cougar team who were able to dominate the entire game. The Eagles fielded a team lacking in size and experience and it showed on Saturday. The Eagle faithful were out in full force and there to support their team as always. There were a few bright spots in their offense which can be capitalized on in the future. Lets hope they do so.

Sierra Blanca. Bravo Vaqueros. Yours was the best Game of the whole weekend. You young men had to face off against two adversaries. A good team and playing in the heat of the day. This team played from 2o'clock until 6:30. The temperature was easily over a hundred degrees for pretty much the entire game. Yall were down 40 to 12 at one point and still somehow were able to not only catch up but pass Fort Davis. Sure they had a late score and came back to win but watching yall never give up was pretty damn special. Play with that passion for the rest of the season and good things will come your way.

Last but not least Grandfalls. Lets see... Yall were picked to lose by at least 30 points. Some Marfa Shorthorns players even suggested giving you a 30 point headstart. Good thing they didn't. Because I'm pretty sure that losing 47 to 0 was pretty embarrassing. Imagine if they would have taken your 30 point lead. That would have made it downright humiliating. Are you picking up a theme with the number 30 yet? You should be since you barely had over 30 yards of total offense. Great job to the Cowboys who were outstanding in every facet of this game. Welcome to Sixman Marfa.
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